Can You Pass This Hearing Screening?

Only 20% of users pass this screening.

Here’s the scary truth about hearing loss:

It’s gradual.

You slowly begin adjusting your lifestyle to your diminished hearing. The TV volume creeps higher, people begin to recognize they will have to speak louder and repeat themselves more when conversing with you, and you slowly begin avoiding loud places to socialize. 

You likely don’t notice until, over time, these small adjustments become big problems. They wear on your relationships and you can become so socially withdrawn you hardly recognize your life, just like Karen’s dad above. You don’t notice until it’s gotten out of control.

Many people avoid going to their local audiologist because they’re just not sure they need a hearing test.

Our free online hearing screening can help you take the first steps in identifying if you may have a hearing loss. 

It’s not a replacement for a professional hearing test, but after taking the screening, you will also receive a free consultation if you would like to discuss your results. 

This online screening is absolutely free, as is the consultation, if you choose to take advantage of it.

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